Stealer of Joy

Fear is a stealer of joy.

This was very evident last night when we were watching our neighbor light off fireworks in our cul-de-sac. Expecting these to be little sparklers, we sat right at the edge of the cul-de-sac only to find out they were legit fireworks. After two or three our neighbor lit another one, and as she was running for safety we saw a firework shoot off sideways a few feet from her head and then another one, still horizontal, but in a different direction, and then another one. At this point Jordan is no where to be seen and Mom is running away with her lawn chair. One more goes off in a different direction and at that point I finally realize I should run for the trees because if there is another one it should be shooting in our direction next. Praise the Lamb that there were only four fireworks in the packet and that we all made it out alive, though some of us with PTSD. All that to say, the rest of the firework show was spent in a crouched, ready-to-runaway-from-any-danger position. And when your brain is running through all the possibilities of disaster and escape routes it makes it near impossible to enjoy anything, including fireworks.

That, my friends, is the power of fear. It takes away any real joy. That is why I love today’s verse for #30daysofbiblelettering. God is able to demolish any traces of fear. He is the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, what can possibly stand up to┬áHim? Not man, that’s for sure. The only one we should be fearing is the one who protects and loves us more than we can ever know. I hope this is as big of a comfort to you today as it was for me!


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