Photograph to Painting


On family road trips I’ve always been assigned the job of “documenting” (or photographing) the experience. From this comes a road trip scrapbook, Facebook photos, and possible photos hung up in college dorm rooms. The rest of the photos get stored in my hard drive and resurface to inspire different craft or art projects. This would be one of those times. I had extra paint from a college painting class drying up in a drawer and some ‘used’ canvases to repaint.

I picked a few photographs and attempted to capture the feelings (rather than replicate) the image into a painting. Trying to use heavy paint strokes, something I’m not too comfortable with (but love when others do it!), and texture. I’ve never tried oil paint but I tried to channel my imaginary “oil painter-self” for these. 🙂

Below are the painting by themselves. (I’m more of a ‘show’ than ‘tell’ kind of person) 🙂


And now side by side comparison with both the photograph and painting:




One thought on “Photograph to Painting

  1. If we didn’t see the photos we could still get the feel of what you saw. Memories are definitely there – very nice!

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