Freedom to Celebrate


The message this morning at Southland was on a topic that I have been made very aware of in my life this summer and is an area that I will have to continually work on to become more like Christ (quick apology for my grammar and sentence structure. I still suck at writing but when something hits me in the face, like this message did today, I have to at least try to write it down). It was about comparison and the effect social media can have on this area in our lives. Social media fuels comparison, but only if we let it. It’s easy to use social media as a platform to promote our “perfect”-selves. And I’m not saying that you should post all the disappointing and depressing things in your life on social media. I think it’s good to focus and highlight on the areas in your life that give you joy instead of dwelling on the negative things, but we have to be careful about our motives. In the message this morning, the pastor also talked about how comparison fuels competition. And this competition can affect our posts. We make posts about our lives that we think “one-up” the lives of those who we are following. But as Christians we are not better or worse than those around us, we are just different. The difference we have is contentment. And this contentment fuels celebration. Since we are free from comparison and competition we are free to celebrate others and their lives. We have the freedom to scroll through our social media and truly rejoice with those we are following and the lives they are living. They played this song at the service today and these lyrics about the freedom Christ gave us really stood out to me:


Nothing’s gonna hold me back


My chains fell off

My heart was free

I’m alive to live for you

I’m alive to live for you

Amazing Love, how can it be?

You give everything for me

You give everything for me


I’m free to live

Free to give

Free to be

I’m free to love you


Jesus Culture, Holding Nothing Back


I want to take this freedom with me into this next semester. The freedom to choose celebration over competition. The freedom to selflessly serve and love those around me. To rejoice in their successes. The freedom to live out the life God carefully and creatively planned for me because of the loving sacrifice His Son made on the cross.


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