Word for the New Year

Why did God choose to save me when my perfection only comes from Jesus? The one thing that makes it possible for me to be with God is what Jesus is and offers to be for me. If my identity is founded in Jesus then why did He have him put through torture and death in my place when He already had Jesus? God, you are in need of nothing. If you saved us because you were lonely, then wouldn’t that mean you needed company to feel/be whole? But maybe that’s not true. You created Adam and while he was perfect he still longed for a companion. But you have the Holy Trinity and the angels. So why did you do it?

Lord, is this all truly out of love for me?

If this is true, this changes everything. It changes every word in the Bible, every scenario in my life. The Creator is in love with me. He loves me. His words are filled with love, even the commands. He can be trusted. Hasn’t He already proven Himself worthy? He can be trusted with everything, even my heart. I can fall in love with the Creator without fear, because He holds my heart with strong hands. He doesn’t promise safety. He doesn’t promise sunshine and daisies daily. He promises to love us. And who could love us better than the creator of love Himself? God is love. Love is God. Who are we to question the way He loves?

As this year starts this is the question I want to ask: What is love? It seems like a silly question, but does anyone really comprehend its full meaning or potential? I’m not talking about the sin-stained love we give and take from each other, but the pure and holy love that drove God to sacrifice His Son. What does that look like? I’m not sure, but I have a feeling this year will be a time of not only learning more about love, but about trusting and depending on God, having deeper and more valuable relationships with others, experiencing joy and humble confidence, and enjoying complete contentment and rest. In these first few days I have already been blown away by the depth and consistency of this wildly passionate Creator’s love. I can’t use enough adjectives to express the revelations I have been having this month, but that won’t stop me from trying ;). I can’t wait to continue to be wowed by this awesome God we serve…

And then of course share these “wows” with you. 🙂


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